10 Best Clinical Pharmacist Job Descriptions

Clinical Pharmacist Job summary 1

The incumbent serves as a Clinical Pharmacist (CP) as part of an interdisciplinary healthcare team. The Clinical Pharmacist is responsible for providing optimal clinical and pharmaceutical care activities in accordance with the department's mission, vision, and goals. The Clinical Pharmacist's primary responsibility is the utilization of evidence- based pharmaceutical care services through direct interactions with patients and providers as well as the safe provision of pharmaceuticals and medication information in a timely manner. This pharmacist promotes and manages drug therapy based on current clinical knowledge and established policies. Responsibilities also include but are not limited to completion of electronic prescription orders, checking of completed prescription orders for accuracy and safety, management of formularies, and assistance in achieving goals related to medication management and patient care.

Clinical Pharmacist Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Clinical Pharmacist Requirements & Skills 1

Clinical Pharmacist Job summary 2

The Clinical Pharmacist performs prospective and/or retrospective drug utilization review and appeals per State and Federal regulations. Participates in the distribution of clinical drug information and educates providers and staff regarding the use of pharmaceutical treatment regimens. Complies with all corporate and facility standard operating procedures, policies, guidelines, and work instructions.

Clinical Pharmacist Duties & Responsibilities 2

Clinical Pharmacist Requirements & Skills 2

Clinical Pharmacist Job summary 3

The Clinical Pharmacist is responsible for the identification, resolution, and prevention of medication related issues. Provides drug information and recommendations for optimization of medication therapy to physicians, nurses and patients.

Clinical Pharmacist Duties & Responsibilities 3

Clinical Pharmacist Requirements & Skills 3

Clinical Pharmacist Job summary 4

The Clinical Pharmacist develops, reviews, and evaluates clinical guidelines and Drug Utilization Reviews (DUR), provides consultations, develops programs, prepares articles, and conducts research.

Clinical Pharmacist Duties & Responsibilities 4

Clinical Pharmacist Requirements & Skills 4

Clinical Pharmacist Job summary 5

Clinical Pharmacist is responsible for providing clinical services in an inpatient setting. Responsibilities include collaboration with nursing and medical staff with medication chart reviews that will assist in the optimization of medication therapy, implement up-to-date pharmacotherapy and treatment guidelines with providers, conducts Drug Utilization Reviews and prepares Drug Review Criteria for medical staff review at Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee. In addition, Clinical Pharmacist is an active preceptor for residents, pharmacy students and pharmacy staff.

Clinical Pharmacist Duties & Responsibilities 5

Clinical Pharmacist Requirements & Skills 5

Clinical Pharmacist Job summary 6

The Clinical Pharmacist practices as a pharmacy generalist in one or more patient care areas. In addition to direct patient care activities, this position is responsible for participating in departmental or institutional quality, safety, and cost-saving initiatives.

Clinical Pharmacist Duties & Responsibilities 6

Clinical Pharmacist Requirements & Skills 6

Clinical Pharmacist Job summary 7

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Clinical Pharmacist Requirements & Skills 7

Clinical Pharmacist Job summary 8

The Clinical Pharmacist will manage anticoagulant therapy for ambulatory patients, working with a team of specialists in antithrombotic therapy and multidisciplinary providers from numerous specialties.

Clinical Pharmacist Duties & Responsibilities 8

Clinical Pharmacist Requirements & Skills 8

Clinical Pharmacist Job summary 9

A Clinical Pharmacist prepares or supervises the preparation and dispensing of medications within established policies, procedures and guidelines. Educates medical staff and other health care professionals on appropriate medication use with emphasison pharmacology, pharmacokinetics and toxicities. Monitors patients for efficacies and toxicities of drug therapies.

Clinical Pharmacist Duties & Responsibilities 9

Clinical Pharmacist Requirements & Skills 9

Clinical Pharmacist Job summary 10

The Clinical Pharmacist oversees pharmaceutical care plans in designated specialty area or product line, including initial patient evaluations, development of care plans, and ensuring treatment plans are carried out. Ensures ongoing review of patient clinical status. Recommends adjustments to drug therapy based on clinical status and treatment outcomes. Coordinates with clinical providers to ensure all aspects of pharmaceutical care are delivered in a safe and timely manner. Supports and adheres to the US Oncology Compliance Program, to include the Code of Ethics and Business Standards.

Clinical Pharmacist Duties & Responsibilities 10

Clinical Pharmacist Requirements & Skills 10

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