Transaction Coordinator Job Description

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The Transaction Coordinator will support Company’s sales, origination, documentation, and funding efforts. This is accomplished by coordinating the lease documents and funding among the Lessee, Bank, and Vendor(s) participating in each transaction. Your goal is to assist, grow and coordinate the transaction flow and activity by assisting and supporting all aspects and parties. Transaction Coordinators utilize telephone/email communication to provide an exceptional customer experience.

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As a Transaction Coordinator you will work with our Escrow Officer and Post Closing teams and assist with various administrative and customer service aspects of the title and closing process. If you are someone who has previously demonstrated their attention to detail, work ethic, and commitment to customer service in the title and escrow industry and is looking to join a company that allows you to learn more about the closing process, then the Transaction Coordinator position is for you!

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In this Transaction Coordinator role, you’ll do what transaction coordinators do best - assist real estate agents with the pre-listing and contract-to-close process. This is a ground-floor opportunity to be part of the first nationwide coordination service, powered by a proprietary transaction coordination technology platform. Come grow with us!

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Job summary 4

We are currently searching for a Transaction Coordinator in our office to join our growing team! You will assist in handling real estate activities and transactions on behalf of clients

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The Transaction Coordinator works with the Production Team to fulfill new and existing client requests quickly and accurately. Our Operations Team submits new account applications, executes physical contracts, processes billing, and handles legal document change requests. Upon promotion, Transaction Coordinators would be exposed to and responsible for basic account underwriting, which involves reviewing credit reports and other documentation to determine rates and quote surety bond premiums.

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Job summary 6

The Transaction Coordinator plays an important role in the organization by performing, under direct supervision, several activities related to assisting originators to build complete loan files for submission. This role performs Lead to Contract duties.

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Job summary 7

The role of the Transaction Coordinator is to receive orders from customers and coordinate all details of the transaction from application to closing. Duties may include but are not limited to entering orders into the production system, ordering exhibits (tax certificates, surveys, well inspections, septic inspections, HOA due statuses, and loan payoff statements), review of the title commitment, resolution of title curative requirements, communication with the client on clear to close file status, providing settlement fees as requested by clients, requesting bring down to update title information, obtain water utility information, obtain sewer utility information, update scheduling calendar for closings, and any other duties assigned to him or her by the Manager.

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Job summary 8

We are looking for a highly organized Transaction Coordinator who is passionate about helping others realize the rewards of home ownership and who is willing to be a go-to for clients, agents, and vendors alike throughout the process. Primary responsibilities for this position include assisting real estate agents on our team with all aspects of the deal (from contract to closing), building and maintaining relationships with clients and vendors throughout the transaction process, scheduling closings, inspections, repairs, and handling any other issue(s) that may pop up! We hope this hire will not only work within our current systems but improve them to create new processes where needed. They will thrive in a fast-paced environment and are equally good at working alone and collaboratively. We’re looking for someone calm under pressure, flexible, personable, detail-oriented, respectful of confidentiality, organized, and proactive. Does this sound like the rewarding career and environment you’re looking for? Then we want to talk to you!

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Job summary 9

As a Transaction Coordinator you will provide day-to-day support to the assigned Account Executive/Team Lead. The Transaction Coordinator (TC) will handle administrative duties for loan files, including follow-ups with customers, organization of loan files, and documentation collection. Additionally, they will serve as the main internal point of contact for all loan files to which they are assigned, managing daily operations for these specific files, programs, and products.

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Job summary 10

The Transaction Coordinator supports the Commercial Leasing team in day-to-day operations and execution.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the job description of a transaction coordinator?

The job description of a transaction coordinator can vary depending on the industry and specific organization. However, in a general sense, a transaction coordinator is responsible for managing and coordinating various aspects of transactions, typically in the real estate or financial sector. Here is a sample job description for a transaction coordinator:

Job Title: Transaction Coordinator

Job Summary:
As a transaction coordinator, you will be responsible for overseeing and coordinating the administrative and operational aspects of transactions within the organization. You will ensure the smooth flow of transactions, maintain accurate records, and provide support to clients, agents, and other stakeholders throughout the transaction process.


Transaction Management:

Serve as the primary point of contact for all parties involved in transactions, including clients, agents, lenders, title companies, and attorneys.
Coordinate and manage the transaction process from initiation to closing, ensuring all necessary documentation, approvals, and deadlines are met.
Maintain organized transaction files and databases, tracking the progress of each transaction and ensuring timely updates.
Documentation and Record-Keeping:

Prepare, review, and distribute transaction documents such as purchase agreements, contracts, addendums, disclosures, and other related paperwork.
Ensure accuracy and completeness of all transaction documents and records.
Maintain confidentiality of sensitive information and adhere to legal and regulatory requirements.
Communication and Coordination:

Facilitate communication and coordination among all parties involved in the transaction, including agents, clients, lenders, and attorneys.
Respond to inquiries, provide updates, and address concerns from clients and stakeholders regarding the transaction process.
Schedule and coordinate inspections, appraisals, meetings, and other necessary activities related to the transaction.
Deadline Management:

Monitor and track transaction deadlines, including contract contingencies, financing deadlines, and closing dates.
Proactively communicate upcoming deadlines to all parties involved, ensuring timely completion of required tasks and documentation.
Identify potential issues or delays and work collaboratively with stakeholders to resolve them in a timely manner.
Quality Assurance:

Conduct thorough reviews of transaction documents and records to ensure accuracy, compliance, and adherence to internal policies and procedures.
Implement quality control measures to minimize errors, mitigate risks, and ensure smooth transactions.
Relationship Management:

Foster positive relationships with clients, agents, lenders, and other stakeholders to enhance the overall transaction experience.
Provide exceptional customer service and support, addressing inquiries, resolving issues, and proactively anticipating client and stakeholder needs.

High school diploma or equivalent; additional education or certifications in real estate, finance, or a related field is a plus.
Proven experience as a transaction coordinator or in a similar role, preferably in the real estate or financial sector.
Strong organizational and multitasking skills with the ability to manage multiple transactions simultaneously.
Excellent attention to detail and accuracy in handling transaction documentation and records.
Proficient computer skills, including experience with transaction management software and office productivity tools.
Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills to effectively interact with clients, agents, and stakeholders.
Knowledge of real estate transaction processes, regulations, and legal requirements is desirable.
Ability to work under pressure, meet deadlines, and adapt to changing priorities.
Please note that this is a general description, and the actual job responsibilities and qualifications may vary based on the organization and industry in which the transaction coordinator operates.

What are the 5 most important skills and qualities of a transaction coordinator?

The skills and qualities of a transaction coordinator can greatly contribute to their effectiveness in managing and coordinating transactions. Here are five important skills and qualities that are typically essential for a transaction coordinator:

Organization and Attention to Detail: Transaction coordinators handle numerous documents, deadlines, and tasks simultaneously. They need exceptional organizational skills to keep track of multiple transactions, maintain accurate records, and ensure that all required documentation is complete and compliant. Attention to detail is crucial to identify errors or inconsistencies in contracts, agreements, and other transaction-related paperwork.

Communication and Interpersonal Skills: Effective communication is vital for a transaction coordinator to liaise with various parties involved in the transaction, including clients, agents, lenders, and attorneys. They should be able to communicate clearly, both verbally and in writing, and actively listen to understand the needs and concerns of stakeholders. Strong interpersonal skills help build relationships, resolve conflicts, and facilitate cooperation among all parties throughout the transaction process.

Time Management and Multitasking Abilities: Transaction coordinators often face tight deadlines and work on multiple transactions simultaneously. They must have excellent time management skills to prioritize tasks, allocate resources effectively, and ensure that all deadlines and milestones are met. The ability to multitask and switch between different transactions and responsibilities efficiently is essential.

Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills: Transactions can encounter unexpected challenges or complexities. Transaction coordinators should be skilled at problem-solving, thinking critically, and making informed decisions to overcome obstacles and keep transactions on track. They should be proactive in identifying potential issues, evaluating options, and implementing solutions in collaboration with stakeholders.

Professionalism and Customer Service Orientation: Transaction coordinators represent the organization and play a significant role in shaping the client's experience during the transaction process. Professionalism, integrity, and a customer service-oriented mindset are crucial qualities for a transaction coordinator. They should be responsive, approachable, and able to handle client inquiries, concerns, and conflicts with professionalism and empathy.

While these skills and qualities are important for a transaction coordinator, it's worth noting that the specific requirements and preferences may vary depending on the organization, industry, and specific transaction types. Continuous learning, adaptability, and a commitment to staying updated with industry trends and regulations are also valuable qualities for a transaction coordinator to possess.

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