10 Best Ophthalmologist Job Descriptions

Ophthalmologist Job summary 1

We are actively recruiting for an Ophthalmologist. The appointee will provide patient care in the area of general ophthalmology in a high volume outpatient setting at Hospital, as well as surgical care within comprehensive ophthalmology. Other duties will include resident education and scholarly activity. The Ophthalmologist is responsible for offering high quality eye and vision care to patients through thorough examination and comprehensive treatments in a high volume outpatient setting. Performs eye exams, diagnoses and treats ophthalmic disease/pathology, prescribes medications and performs lens-based eye surgery. In this role, a primary focus will be resident training and education.

Ophthalmologist Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Ophthalmologist Requirements & Skills 1

Ophthalmologist Job summary 2

Board-certified Ophthalmologist with excellent clinical and surgical skills who is fellowship trained in treating patients with glaucoma. Responsible for comprehensive eye care with a focus on handling more complex surgical services.

Ophthalmologist Duties & Responsibilities 2

Ophthalmologist Requirements & Skills 2

Ophthalmologist Job summary 3

This position is to serve as a medical doctor, with a specialty in ophthalmology who is licensed in-state to serve as the division’s state Ophthalmologist.

Ophthalmologist Duties & Responsibilities 3

Ophthalmologist Requirements & Skills 3

Ophthalmologist Job summary 4

Ophthalmologist supports the clinical mission of the Department of Ophthalmology. Primary responsibilities include general Ophthlamology clinical care of adult patients and on-call coverage as assigned.

Ophthalmologist Duties & Responsibilities 4

Ophthalmologist Requirements & Skills 4

Ophthalmologist Job summary 5

We are expanding and seeking to hire an Ophthalmologist. Candidates must be BC/BE, have an active license, have at least 2+ years of experience and be well-versed in electronic medical records.

Ophthalmologist Duties & Responsibilities 5

Ophthalmologist Requirements & Skills 5

Ophthalmologist Job summary 6

The Ophthalmologist is responsible for offering high quality eye and vision care to patients of the Diagnostic Clinic through thorough examination and comprehensive treatments. Perform eye exams, diagnose and treat disease, prescribe medications and perform eye surgery as needed.

Ophthalmologist Duties & Responsibilities 6

Ophthalmologist Requirements & Skills 6

Ophthalmologist Job summary 7

Specializing in medical treatment or surgery of the eyes, an Ophthalmologist provides comprehensive care for ocular problems. From common vision deficiencies to serious conditions or injuries, this highly trained physician ensures any and all eye problems get the attention and care they need.

Ophthalmologist Duties & Responsibilities 7

Ophthalmologist Requirements & Skills 7

Ophthalmologist Job summary 8

We seeking an Ophthalmologist to join our team! Will be expected to provides clinical, teaching and research duties, as their experience and interest allows. The Ophthalmologist will also supervises medical students and residents in clinics and surgeries as well as participate in the didactic teaching program.

Ophthalmologist Duties & Responsibilities 8

Ophthalmologist Requirements & Skills 8

Ophthalmologist Job summary 9

This Ophthalmologist position will join an established and highly regarded practice with clinical, research and educational responsibilities.

Ophthalmologist Duties & Responsibilities 9

Ophthalmologist Requirements & Skills 9

Ophthalmologist Job summary 10

We are searching for an Ophthalmologist to join our team.

Ophthalmologist Duties & Responsibilities 10

Ophthalmologist Requirements & Skills 10

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