10 Best Mri Technologist Job Descriptions

Mri Technologist Job summary 1

The MRI Technologist, under direct supervision, performs imaging procedures to assist in the diagnosis of disease and injuries and supports the general operation of the office.

Mri Technologist Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Mri Technologist Requirements & Skills 1

Mri Technologist Job summary 2

The MRI Technologist is accountable for performing high quality Magnetic Resonance Imaging scans for the diagnosis of disease.

Mri Technologist Duties & Responsibilities 2

Mri Technologist Requirements & Skills 2

Mri Technologist Job summary 3

The MRI Technologist operates a scanner to obtain images used to diagnose and treat of pathologies.

Mri Technologist Duties & Responsibilities 3

Mri Technologist Requirements & Skills 3

Mri Technologist Job summary 4

The MRI Technologist must demonstrate an understanding of human cross-sectional anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology and medical terminology. The MRI Technologist must maintain a high degree of accuracy in patient positioning and image acquisition/formation. You must maintain knowledge about magnetic field safety and properly screen all patients and visitors prior to admittance into the MR magnet room.

Mri Technologist Duties & Responsibilities 4

Mri Technologist Requirements & Skills 4

Mri Technologist Job summary 5

The MRI Technologist will perform a wide variety of high quality Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MR) exams while providing excellent patient care.

Mri Technologist Duties & Responsibilities 5

Mri Technologist Requirements & Skills 5

Mri Technologist Job summary 6

Under the direction of a radiologist, MRI Technologist performs a wide variety of technical procedures utilizing magnetic resonance imaging or other modalities to obtain computer-processed images of designated portions of the body.

Mri Technologist Duties & Responsibilities 6

Mri Technologist Requirements & Skills 6

Mri Technologist Job summary 7

The MRI Technologist performs magnetic resonance imaging in accordance with applicable scope and standards of practice and with the policies, values and mission of the organization.

Mri Technologist Duties & Responsibilities 7

Mri Technologist Requirements & Skills 7

Mri Technologist Job summary 8

Under the supervision of the Radiology Supervisor, the MRI Technologist performs a variety of MRI procedures and departmental support functions.

Mri Technologist Duties & Responsibilities 8

Mri Technologist Requirements & Skills 8

Mri Technologist Job summary 9

The MRI Technologist is an integral part of the Hospital team. The MRI Technologist will be responsible for performing routine and emergency MRI procedures, while providing extraordinary customer service and patient care.

Mri Technologist Duties & Responsibilities 9

Mri Technologist Requirements & Skills 9

Mri Technologist Job summary 10

Under the general supervision of the department supervisor and the direction of the Radiologist, the MRI Technologist performs routine and special magnetic resonance imaging procedures. Performs procedures to produce MR images of designated anatomical areas according to established practices and procedures. Performs duties as on call technologist, is able to train new staff, and has passed the MRI advanced level specialty exam as per ARRT.

Mri Technologist Duties & Responsibilities 10

Mri Technologist Requirements & Skills 10

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