10 Best Groundsman Job Descriptions

Groundsman Job summary 1

We are growing and looking to add a Groundsman to our team of experts. The Groundsman is a skilled laborer whose duties are vital to safety, quality, and overall production. This position is directly supervised and trained by the Foreman in all areas of ground operations. Must have chainsaw experience.

Groundsman Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Groundsman Requirements & Skills 1

Groundsman Job summary 2

Successful Groundsman candidate must have knowledge of established aerial cable installation procedures and techniques including the placement of poles and anchors, familiarity with a wide range of tools and equipment, ability to read and understand prints/maps, safety rules, and operating instructions.

Groundsman Duties & Responsibilities 2

Groundsman Requirements & Skills 2

Groundsman Job summary 3

We are seeking an experienced Groundsman for our Branch. We are looking for bright, energetic, team players that are detail oriented, have a strong work ethic and take ownership of their work.

Groundsman Duties & Responsibilities 3

Groundsman Requirements & Skills 3

Groundsman Job summary 4

The Groundsman is responsible for the cultivation and care of the landscaping and grounds throughout the hotel grounds. Plants flowers, mows, pulls weeds, repairs structures, and maintains outside of building.

Groundsman Duties & Responsibilities 4

Groundsman Requirements & Skills 4

Groundsman Job summary 5

As a Groundsman you will maintain the appearance and functional soundness of our schools and facilities grounds. The Groundsman is responsible for maintaining equipment and materials, and for ensuring adequate stock levels of consumables.

Groundsman Duties & Responsibilities 5

Groundsman Requirements & Skills 5

Groundsman Job summary 6

The Groundsman is a member of a construction team that is responsible for trenching, plowing, and placing communication cable, fiber optic cable, conduits and other associated facilities. This entry level position can get you started in the utility construction field. We offer training for other higher skilled positions.

Groundsman Duties & Responsibilities 6

Groundsman Requirements & Skills 6

Groundsman Job summary 7

The Groundsman position is a support and technician level job that entails close observance of all safety issues involved in Company work as well as skills that support the work performed by the Crew, allowing a smooth flow of productivity at the job-site. The crew groundsman will directly report to the crew foreman for day-to-day responsibilities for each assigned job. The expectation of this professional is compliance with company policies, successful completion of all assigned tasks, and development of strong relationships with all team members.

Groundsman Duties & Responsibilities 7

Groundsman Requirements & Skills 7

Groundsman Job summary 8

We are currently seeking Groundsman for our Division.

Groundsman Duties & Responsibilities 8

Groundsman Requirements & Skills 8

Groundsman Job summary 9

The Groundsman supports the crew by performing from the ground. The Groundsman observes all safety rules to guarantee a clean and safe work zone.

Groundsman Duties & Responsibilities 9

Groundsman Requirements & Skills 9

Groundsman Job summary 10

We are seeking a Groundsman to join our team.

Groundsman Duties & Responsibilities 10

Groundsman Requirements & Skills 10

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