Corporate Controller Job Description

Job summary 1

We’re looking for an enthusiastic, detail-oriented Corporate Controller. That means new ways of thinking and an innovative vision for integrating our systems for maximum efficiency. As someone who keeps a close eye on mission-driven companies, you know it’s about more than just the bottom line. Reporting to the Chief Accounting Officer, the Corporate Controller will be responsible for defining and executing world-class accounting and financial reporting practices, internal controls, and adherence to GAAP and SOX Compliance. Working closely with crew members across the organization you’ll provide technical accounting guidance that impacts the framework of controls for the entire company, helping us streamline processes and software solutions so that we can spend less time tabulating the data and spend more time connecting the data dots for real-time decision making.

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Job summary 2

Reporting to the Chief Financial Officer, the Corporate Controller will be responsible for directing the accounting activities at the Company. The ideal candidate is someone who inspires a small but mighty accounting team, but can also embrace ambiguity and loves solving problems. The candidate will also possess strong management and team leadership competencies. This individual must be a senior leader who is a change agent and driver of innovation, willing to challenge the status quo from both an operational and team perspective. You will play a critical role in ensuring we continue building a world-class finance function while partnering across the business to ensure our systems and processes run smoothly.

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Job summary 3

We are currently seeking a Corporate Controller to support our Corporate Office. The Corporate Controller position is accountable for the tactical implementation of the accounting operations of the company, including the production of periodic financial reports, maintenance of an adequate system of accounting records, and a comprehensive set of controls and budgets designed to mitigate risk, enhance the accuracy of the company's reported financial results, and ensure that reported results comply with generally accepted accounting principles or international financial reporting standards. The position is also responsible for the oversight of cash management and financial risk management. As with any position, additional expectations exist. Some of these are not limited to adhering to normal working hours, meeting deadlines, following company policies as outlined by the Employee Handbook, communicating regularly with the assigned supervisor, and staying focused on the assigned tasks.

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Job summary 4

The Corporate Controller is responsible for financial reporting and recordkeeping. This individual is responsible for leading the Consolidation and Financial Reporting operations including monthly, quarterly, and year-end processes. This position works closely with each division to advise, review and consolidate the financial operations of the Company. The Controller will also work closely with the Shared Services Executive team to provide support for strategic planning, financial oversight, and financial leadership.

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Job summary 5

We are searching for a Corporate Controller to join our team. The successful candidate will be a self-directed, proactive problem-solver with a track record of successfully delivering on multiple priorities. It is preferable that this candidate has the industry experience and works in a matrixed leadership organization. Our Corporate Controller will act as a Strategic Partner with our executive and extended leadership team with a focus on relationships, leadership, and the soft side of the business, rather than solely on accounting and financial information. The major theme is running the company with the numbers and not by the numbers. The Corporate Controller will manage and direct the accounting and financial activities of the organization in compliance with GAAP standards and Federal Acquisition Regulations. Oversees accounting and billing team with several direct reports. Reports to the Chief Financial Officer.

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Job summary 6

We are looking for a highly motivated energetic Corporate Controller. The Corporate Controller will assist the Vice President, CAO & Controller with the accounting operations of the company, including the production of monthly and quarterly financial reports, maintenance of a system of accounting transactions, and a comprehensive set of controls designed to mitigate risk, enhance the accuracy of the company's reported financial results, and ensure that reported results comply with generally accepted accounting principles.

Duties & Responsibilities 6

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Job summary 7

The Corporate Controller will support ambitious growth by partnering with the business optimally. The position will also play a lead part in setting up the new Finance Target Operating Model (TOM), leading the set-up of the offshored in-house fin ops and group reporting, and evaluating opportunities for longer-term efficiencies in working with the 3rd party finance transaction service provider. This is a role that offers significant exposure to the senior leadership team but is also varied, broad, and 'hand, so at points. As the role will be a key driver in building a new separated finance function within the wider business, it requires a strong manager who possesses solid international experience. Someone who will thrive within a fast-paced, upbeat, collaborative, and forward-thinking environment. As a financial expert, the corporate controller will be a key point of contact for M&A financial due diligence, as may be required, as well as other ad hoc work.

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Requirements & Skills 7

Job summary 8

A Corporate Controller directs and coordinates the accounting and financial reporting functions and ensures compliance with GAAP and SEC rules and regulations; interprets and reports the results of operations; coordinates external audits and reviews; assists with the preparation of the annual budget and board materials; assists with legal issues.

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Job summary 9

The Corporate Controller is responsible for the planning, directing, and coordinating the development, implementation, and maintenance of the Company’s financial statements. Work closely with the CFO on related items, including financial and management reporting, budgeting, fixed asset management, cash management, and financing needs. Oversees the day-to-day operations of the accounting team.

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Job summary 10

This position is directly responsible for ensuring profit benchmarks, set in the strategic planning process, are achieved. The Controller directly manages the accounting department, liaises with the senior management team on key financial matters, and works closely with other departments in assisting them with their financial needs.

Duties & Responsibilities 10

Requirements & Skills 10

Frequently asked questions

What does a corporate controller do?

A corporate controller is a senior-level executive who is responsible for managing the accounting, financial reporting, and internal control functions of a company. The following are some of the key duties and responsibilities of a corporate controller:

Overseeing the accounting and financial reporting processes, ensuring they are accurate and compliant with accounting standards and regulations.

Developing and implementing internal control policies and procedures to mitigate financial and operational risks.

Managing the company's financial statements, budgets, and forecasts.

Conducting financial analysis and providing insights and recommendations to senior management.

Leading the company's audit processes and liaising with external auditors.

Managing the company's tax compliance and reporting processes.

Ensuring timely and accurate financial reporting to stakeholders, including investors, board members, and regulatory bodies.

Leading and developing the accounting and finance team.

What makes a good corporate controller?

To be a successful corporate controller, one should possess the following skills:

Expertise in accounting principles and financial reporting standards.

Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

Knowledge of internal control policies and procedures.

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills for interacting with stakeholders.

Strong leadership and management skills.

Ability to work in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.

Familiarity with financial analysis tools and techniques.

Attention to detail and accuracy in financial reporting.

In summary, a corporate controller is responsible for managing the accounting, financial reporting, and internal control functions of a company. To be a successful corporate controller, one should possess expertise in accounting principles and financial reporting standards, strong analytical and problem-solving skills, knowledge of internal control policies and procedures, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, strong leadership and management skills, familiarity with financial analysis tools, and attention to detail and accuracy in financial reporting.

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