10 Best Child Psychologist Job Descriptions

Child Psychologist Job summary 1

In a career as a Child Psychologist, you will provide families with evidenced based treatment. Many families face challenges and struggle to find the help they need when it comes to their children who are experiencing behavioral, emotional, or academic concerns. Our psychologists are knowledgeable and committed to quality treatment for children and families. Our mission is to treat problems early before they develop into more serious behavioral health issues.

Child Psychologist Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Child Psychologist Requirements & Skills 1

Child Psychologist Job summary 2

Under the general supervision of the Clinical Director, the Child Psychologist independently provides school-based psychological assessment, treatment, and consultation for students attending the School. The Child Psychologist also may provide supervision of undergraduate, graduate, and/or postdoctoral psychology trainees.

Child Psychologist Duties & Responsibilities 2

Child Psychologist Requirements & Skills 2

Child Psychologist Job summary 3

The Child Psychologist evaluates and treats patients referred by primary care and mental health providers. Consults with primary care providers regarding the mental health aspects of family and patient management partnership. Monitors and coordinates child psychology service at assigned center.

Child Psychologist Duties & Responsibilities 3

Child Psychologist Requirements & Skills 3

Child Psychologist Job summary 4

Under the Direction of the Director of Children’s Clinical Services, the Child Psychologist performs neuropsychological, psycho-educational and developmental assessments for children and youth as well as psychotherapy. In this role the psychologist also works as part of a multi-disciplinary team that includes parent educators, counselors, social workers, occupational therapists and a speech therapist.

Child Psychologist Duties & Responsibilities 4

Child Psychologist Requirements & Skills 4

Child Psychologist Job summary 5

The nationally ranked Hospital for Children is seeking a patient-focused Child Psychologist to collaborate with our positive, collegial team that values multiple perspectives and voices. This position provides the opportunity to work within an interdisciplinary context within our division, across the university, and the state-wide Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral system.

Child Psychologist Duties & Responsibilities 5

Child Psychologist Requirements & Skills 5

Child Psychologist Job summary 6

The Child Psychologist provides mental health assessment, diagnosis, treatment and crisis intervention services for adult and/or child members who present themselves from psychiatric evaluation with a broad range of mental health needs. Collaborates with treating physician, psychiatric and allied health professional team to plan and direct each individual member's treatment program.

Child Psychologist Duties & Responsibilities 6

Child Psychologist Requirements & Skills 6

Child Psychologist Job summary 7

The Child Psychologist evaluates and treats patients referred by mental health providers, conducts individual, group and family therapy, consults with primary care providers, child psychiatry and health care providers regarding mental health aspects of family and patient management. Performs psychological testing and differential diagnosis.

Child Psychologist Duties & Responsibilities 7

Child Psychologist Requirements & Skills 7

Child Psychologist Job summary 8

This generalist position in the Child Behavioral Health department will primarily emphasize outpatient psychotherapeutic treatment. Most of the children served in outpatient Child Behavioral Health clinic have comorbid medical complexities. The Child Psychologist allows you the unique opportunity to collaborate with pediatric subspecialists, as well as medication provider colleagues within our clinic.

Child Psychologist Duties & Responsibilities 8

Child Psychologist Requirements & Skills 8

Child Psychologist Job summary 9

We are seeking a full time Child Psychologist. The individual will provide psychological evaluations of patients and families, involving diagnostic assessment based on a review of the presenting problems(s) and of patients developmental, social, psychological, and treatment history.

Child Psychologist Duties & Responsibilities 9

Child Psychologist Requirements & Skills 9

Child Psychologist Job summary 10

We are looking for a Child Psychologist.

Child Psychologist Duties & Responsibilities 10

Child Psychologist Requirements & Skills 10

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