10 Best Building Manager Job Descriptions

Building Manager Job summary 1

The Building Manager is responsible for the overall success of customer relationships, employee development, customer service, and efficient daily operations for a customer or group of customers in a multi-client warehouse environment. Provides oversight for all operating activities, including receiving, inventory management, pick and pack, value-added services, order processing, shipping, customer service, reporting, and continuous improvement. Directs the development of the warehouse supervisory personnel and operations to support the client relationship and client requirements. Carries out managerial responsibilities in accordance with the organization’s policies and applicable laws.

Building Manager Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Building Manager Job summary 2

The Building Manager is the primary point of contact for the schools' Principals and is responsible for the facilities management of their designated schools, assisting the Regional Facility Manager with the delivery of quality facility management services through a team of Chief and Operating Engineers. Work closely with school Principals to understand the priority of each school and to maintain open and regular communication. The Building Manager will take operational direction from the FMO Facilities Manager, will work alongside and as a team with the FMO Building Managers, and will oversee FMO Chief Engineers and Building Engineers to ensure the quality of facility management services for assigned facilities including the daily delivery of third party service contracts.

Building Manager Duties & Responsibilities 2

Building Manager Requirements & Skills 2

Building Manager Job summary 3

The Building Manager is responsible to provide coordination support for Director of Building & Grounds by facilitating the daily work flow of Custodial staff assigned to High School. To work with building Principal to help coordinate schedules, supplies and equipment needs for efficient building operation. Must maintain open and courteous communication with staff, students and the public.

Building Manager Duties & Responsibilities 3

Building Manager Requirements & Skills 3

Building Manager Job summary 4

The Building Manager supervises a team of support staff responsible for facility development, maintenance, policies, procedures and expansion to support the strategic mission of the unit. Supervises day-to-day operations of facilities services, safety, and maintenance.

Building Manager Duties & Responsibilities 4

Building Manager Requirements & Skills 4

Building Manager Job summary 5

The Building Manager is responsible for providing oversight and supervision to, and actively participating in, the management of the daily operations and maintenance of medical office properties.

Building Manager Duties & Responsibilities 5

Building Manager Requirements & Skills 5

Building Manager Job summary 6

As a Building Manager, you will serve as the focal point for all Service Center activities within the assigned geographical area; establish priorities and ensure projects are completed to the satisfaction of the client, on schedule, and within the budget.

Building Manager Duties & Responsibilities 6

Building Manager Requirements & Skills 6

Building Manager Job summary 7

The Building Manager is responsible for the overall cleanliness and maintenance of the shelter facility and its equipment. S/he will serve as the point of contact for all maintenance contractors working at the shelter and all vendors providing linen and supplemental services such as pest control.

Building Manager Duties & Responsibilities 7

Building Manager Requirements & Skills 7

Building Manager Job summary 8

The Building Manager ensures the overall cleanliness and safety of their facility by supervising, training, and evaluating personnel, submitting accurate and necessary work orders, and monitoring contracted services if required, perform maintenance, cleaning, and set-up requests generated by staff; responsible for the maintenance of the location. The following statements are illustrative of the essential functions of the job and other key duties that may be required. The description may not include all functions performed by the incumbents in various locations. The district reserves the right to modify or change the duties or the essential functions of this job at any time.

Building Manager Duties & Responsibilities 8

Building Manager Requirements & Skills 8

Building Manager Job summary 9

The Building Manager role consists of supervising and assisting employees assigned to a building in the proper care and cleaning of the buildings and grounds. Duties and work should be performed according to work schedules and established policies and procedures set by the Custodial Department. The employee works with limited supervision, but works closely with the Custodial Foremen. Responsibilities include scheduling the building custodial staff to cover all events and any other hours requested by the building staff.

Building Manager Duties & Responsibilities 9

Building Manager Requirements & Skills 9

Building Manager Job summary 10

The Building Manager maintains and oversees the security of the building and participates in security duties, i.e., periodically checks doors and windows, and performs security and reception duties in the building as required.

Building Manager Duties & Responsibilities 10

Building Manager Requirements & Skills 10

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