10 Best Tire Technician Job Descriptions

Tire Technician Job summary 1

The Tire Technician is responsible for maintaining the tires of the vehicle fleet. This position routinely requires moderate to extreme physical exertion and may require prolonged standing, bending, kneeling, and squatting. The Tire Technician is exposed to extreme weather conditions and shop environment, as well as traffic during road calls. The hours and physical demand may vary by location.

Tire Technician Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Tire Technician Requirements & Skills 1

Tire Technician Job summary 2

The Tire Technician provides general skilled maintenance and repair of vehicles and/or equipment. Work may include: providing maintenance and repair and/or preparing work orders for external services; reviewing and verifying repairs and billing information; communicating and coordinating service work with vendors; maintaining service documentation, reports and records; and/or providing customer service and responding to inquiries and requests.

Tire Technician Duties & Responsibilities 2

Tire Technician Requirements & Skills 2

Tire Technician Job summary 3

The Tire Technician is responsible for tire maintenance, repair, service and inventory management.

Tire Technician Duties & Responsibilities 3

Tire Technician Requirements & Skills 3

Tire Technician Job summary 4

The Tire Technician performs service and installation activities associated with store products and services in an accurate and timely manner.

Tire Technician Duties & Responsibilities 4

Tire Technician Requirements & Skills 4

Tire Technician Job summary 5

If you are a friendly and skilled Tire Technician who is seeking career satisfaction with a growing and financially stable company, join the team. This position reports to the Corporate Parts Manager and your primary job is providing product assistance as well as taking their orders, identifying their concerns, and help solve problems.

Tire Technician Duties & Responsibilities 5

Tire Technician Requirements & Skills 5

Tire Technician Job summary 6

We have an immediate opening for a Tire Technician. You will be responsible for inspecting tires on client vehicles, making tire repairs, and installing new tires and wheels when necessary. Other job duties include performing tire rotations, balancing, and other maintenance. You need to follow all safety protocols at all times when working in the shop. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service, so you must be friendly, attentive, and responsive to our customers and ensure they get the tires that work best for their vehicles.

Tire Technician Duties & Responsibilities 6

Tire Technician Requirements & Skills 6

Tire Technician Job summary 7

We seek a Tire Technician to join our team. Previous experience preferred, however, we will train someone who is motivated to learn.

Tire Technician Duties & Responsibilities 7

Tire Technician Requirements & Skills 7

Tire Technician Job summary 8

The Tire Technician is primarily responsible for all aspects of tire service and repair on commercial vehicles in-house and on the road. This position also performs basic routine vehicle services and repairs on trucks and other vehicles at the tire center.

Tire Technician Duties & Responsibilities 8

Tire Technician Requirements & Skills 8

Tire Technician Job summary 9

The Tire Technician is responsible for tire installation, repairs and maintenance. They demonstrate a positive attitude, while working with the team to get the customer back on the road fast and affordably. This position provides you the opportunity to build a promising career in the tire and automotive service industry.

Tire Technician Duties & Responsibilities 9

Tire Technician Requirements & Skills 9

Tire Technician Job summary 10

We are looking for a Tire Technician.

Tire Technician Duties & Responsibilities 10

Tire Technician Requirements & Skills 10

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