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The Strategy Consultant is responsible for delivering research, recommendations, and guidance to our brand partners executing in digital retail. E-commerce success is dependent on visibility in two senses: first as the visibility of a product to shoppers, but also the brand's ability to observe, quantify, and then understand its performance. A Strategy Consultant focuses on the second type of visibility: helping brands understand how they are currently positioned, where they may have opportunities to grow, and ultimately what they should do about those opportunities.

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The Strategy Consultant manages and or supports the definition and execution of Company strategic programs and projects by partnering with stakeholders to generate solutions and sustainable results. The Strategy Consultant supports internal clients by effectively applying project management, facilitation, and process improvement methodologies and identifying and applying appropriate best practices from within and outside of Company.

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We’re looking for someone who is a creative self-starter and risk-taker who is excited about the growth and thrives in a fast-paced environment! The Strategy Consultant will be an advocate for the consistency and usage of best-in-class content with analytical expertise that can help visualize our messaging and drive our value home for clients. This includes scaling new material that has proven successful in securing long-term, enterprise deals as well as increasing the usability of existing content to ensure its availability for client-specific scenarios. This position requires an analytical background with the ability to work cross-functionally to maximize the performance of sales content.

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The Strategy Consultant is part of the Strategic Market Planning & Analytics department within Kaiser Foundation Health PlanCompany. Strategy Consultants lead cross-functional strategy groups and project teams to develop a line of business strategy, local market strategy, rate-setting recommendations, or other special projects.

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We're looking for a Strategy Consultant. You have industry expertise with clean energy policies and regulatory standards. Your top-flight consulting skills lend to managing evolving energy services/products, including how to monetize and operationalize them. You advise clients in the Utility Industry on data-driven strategies to transform their business operations or business model so they can crush their strategic, financial, and operational goals. As a consultant, you’re a team player contributing to the success and strength of our team. And you’re a problem’s worst nightmare, thanks to your prodigious analytical and creative chops. You have a strong desire to work in an environment with rapidly evolving technologies.

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Job summary 6

The Strategy Consultant is responsible for providing senior-level strategic consulting services to client organizations using in-depth knowledge and expertise regarding business strategy (enterprise-wide) and emerging trends in the Industry. Provides leadership in the identification of strategic business, investment, and alliance opportunities; evaluation and approval process of identified opportunities; identification and implementation of technology requirements (systems, architecture, and infrastructure) as well as coordination of technical resources; and communication of strategy and related business plans to management.

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Job summary 7

This job supports executive leadership of the Organization with a range of strategy activities essential to the Organization's membership and margin goals. The Strategy Consultant provides analytical/strategic-thinking and leadership support that enables project teams to 1) isolate business issues; 2) design and execute analytics for studying business issues (market research, scenario planning, forecasting, market share, profitability, etc.); 3) develops technical content (competitive intelligence, market trend analysis); 4) supports the development of formal recommendations to senior levels of leadership; 5) creates documents (go-to-market or operational strategies, etc.) that inform critical strategic issues and decisions.

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Job summary 8

The Strategy Consultant works independently with customers and also supports the Strategy Advisors with larger, enterprise customers. You may also partner with the Customer Success Manager (CSM) and Account Manager (AM) for accounts. You’ll have a background in corporate communications or customer success.

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The Strategy Consultant is a critical member of the Enterprise Strategy team, which provides routine and on-demand strategic analytics, intelligence, and guidance to support informed, sound business decisions. The Strategy Consultant is expected to meaningfully contribute to multiple projects concurrently and with limited day-to-day oversight. He/she is responsible for mining and aggregating healthcare market and utilization data, reliably analyzing data accurately and expeditiously, and identifying strategic relevance of analysis outputs. The Strategy Consultant drafts client-ready strategy deliverables for project manager review and finalization. He/she routinely interacts with project clients to review drafts, present findings, and facilitate select working sessions.

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We are looking for a Strategy Consultant.

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Frequently asked questions

What does a strategy consultant do?

A Strategy Consultant, also known as a Management Consultant or Strategic Advisor, is a professional who works with organizations to help them solve complex business problems and develop effective strategies to achieve their goals. Strategy consultants are typically hired by companies across various industries to provide objective insights, analysis, and recommendations to improve their overall performance and competitiveness.

Here are some of the key responsibilities and activities of a Strategy Consultant:

Strategy Development: They work closely with the organization's leadership team to assess its current state, identify areas for improvement, and develop strategies to achieve long-term objectives. This involves analyzing market trends, competitive landscape, customer behavior, and internal capabilities to formulate actionable strategies.

Business Analysis: They conduct extensive research and analysis to gather data, evaluate industry trends, assess market opportunities, and identify potential risks or challenges. They use various analytical tools and frameworks to assess the organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Problem Solving: Strategy consultants help organizations tackle complex business problems. They break down problems into manageable components, identify the root causes, and develop innovative solutions. They may use techniques such as brainstorming, data modeling, and scenario analysis to generate creative and practical ideas.

Financial Analysis: They analyze financial data and develop financial models to assess the financial impact of strategic initiatives and business decisions. This may involve evaluating investment opportunities, conducting cost-benefit analyses, and assessing financial feasibility.

Organizational Design and Change Management: They assist organizations in designing and implementing changes to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness. This may involve organizational restructuring, process reengineering, or cultural transformation. They provide guidance on change management strategies, communication plans, and implementation frameworks.

Client Engagement and Relationship Management: Strategy consultants build strong relationships with clients by understanding their needs, communicating effectively, and delivering value. They engage with stakeholders at various levels within the organization, listen to their concerns, and provide objective advice and recommendations.

Presentation and Communication: Strategy consultants are skilled in delivering compelling and persuasive presentations. They communicate complex ideas and recommendations clearly and concisely, tailoring their communication style to different audiences. They use visual aids, reports, and data visualization techniques to effectively convey their insights.

Project Management: They manage consulting engagements, ensuring that projects are delivered within scope, timeline, and budget. They coordinate resources, manage client expectations, and monitor project progress to ensure successful outcomes.

Strategy consultants often work as part of consulting firms or independently as freelance consultants. They need a strong educational background, typically with a degree in business, economics, or a related field. Additionally, they possess excellent analytical, problem-solving, communication, and interpersonal skills to effectively collaborate with clients and deliver impactful results.

What are the skills of a strategy consultant?

Strategy consultants require a diverse set of skills to effectively fulfill their role. Here are some key skills commonly associated with successful strategy consultants:

Analytical Skills: Strategy consultants must possess strong analytical skills to assess complex business problems, analyze data, and identify patterns and insights. They use analytical tools and frameworks to evaluate market trends, competitive dynamics, financial data, and other relevant information.

Problem-Solving Abilities: They excel at problem-solving, breaking down complex issues into manageable components, and developing innovative solutions. They can think critically, approach problems from different angles, and apply structured problem-solving methodologies.

Strategic Thinking: Strategy consultants have the ability to think strategically, considering the long-term goals and implications of business decisions. They can connect the dots between various factors and understand the broader implications of different strategies and choices.

Business Acumen: They possess a strong understanding of business principles, including finance, marketing, operations, and organizational dynamics. They are knowledgeable about industry trends, competitive landscape, and market dynamics, enabling them to provide insightful recommendations.

Data Analysis: They have proficiency in data analysis techniques and tools. They can extract meaningful insights from complex datasets, interpret quantitative and qualitative data, and use it to inform strategic decision-making.

Communication Skills: Strategy consultants need exceptional communication skills to effectively convey complex ideas and recommendations to diverse audiences. They can articulate their thoughts clearly and concisely, both verbally and in written form. They also actively listen and engage with stakeholders to understand their perspectives and requirements.

Presentation Skills: They are skilled presenters, able to create compelling and visually engaging presentations. They use storytelling techniques, data visualization, and persuasive communication to effectively convey their findings and recommendations.

Project Management: Strategy consultants often manage multiple projects simultaneously. They have strong project management skills, including planning, organizing, coordinating resources, and delivering projects within scope, timeline, and budget.

Collaboration and Relationship Building: They excel at building relationships and collaborating with clients and colleagues. They work well in teams, actively engage with stakeholders, and foster a collaborative environment to gather input, address concerns, and build consensus around strategic initiatives.

Adaptability and Learning Agility: Strategy consultants work in dynamic and evolving business environments. They must adapt quickly to new industries, technologies, and client contexts. They have a thirst for learning and continuously update their knowledge and skills.

These skills, combined with a strong business sense and an ability to thrive in fast-paced and challenging environments, contribute to the success of strategy consultants. Continuous professional development and staying abreast of industry trends are crucial to maintain a competitive edge in the field.

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