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Job summary 1

The Peer Support Specialist supports the work of contract for Company at the direction of the Clinical Program Manager. He/she is specifically charged with supporting consumers and families on a daily basis, communicating with families and consumers to support their engagement, recruiting family members and consumers to serve on committees and task forces, and maintaining excellent relationships with all consumer- and family-run services and programs.

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Job summary 2

The Peer Support Specialist will provide recovery support to individuals enrolled in outpatient treatment at the outpatient clinic. The peer support specialist works closely with the treatment services coordinator to accomplish the mission and service goals of clinic.

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Requirements & Skills 2

Job summary 3

The Peer Support Specialist is a member of a team offering person centered, culturally competent, instrumental information and emotional support, either in person or by phone. The Peer Support Specialist uses lived experience and basic peer support skills to engage and empower persons served to support their wellness.

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Job summary 4

The Peer Support Specialist assists with peer recovery support services directly to patients that applies knowledge and skills drawn from lived experience and certification competencies, including assertive outreach, enrollment, mutual support, and additional wrap-around services to eligible patients and ensures quality data maintenance for research and clinical team.

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Job summary 5

The Peer Support Specialist provides peer to peer support to individuals experiencing mental health or substance use concerns within their personally defined recovery. Provides outreach to the community to educate and support at risk populations, assists in warm handoff connection points for individuals needing mental health or substance use treatment, teaches and/or demonstrates healthy relationship concepts, effective communication and other various skills.

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Job summary 6

The Peer Support Specialist provides peer support to clients dealing with the effects of addiction/behavioral health issues who are at risk behaviors or are an individual who lives with HIV. Peer Support Specialist will function as a role model to peers while exhibiting competency in personal recovery and risk reduction utilizing coping skills. The individual will serve as a advocate to provide support for clients in outpatient settings. The Peer Support Specialist performs a wide range of tasks to assist peers of all ages in regaining independence within the community, mastery over their own recovery process and risk reduction efforts.

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Job summary 7

The Peer Support Specialist is a paraprofessional class and is distinguished from licensed and case management personnel in that the Peer Support Specialist does not assume primary responsibility for participants. The Peer Support Specialist performs a variety of less complex functions in the Health and Human Services Agency.

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Job summary 8

The Peer Support Specialist provides flexible, community based peer support services that are designed to promote the recovery, empowerment, and community integration of individuals who have severe behavioral challenges by facilitating opportunities for individuals receiving service to direct their own recovery and advocacy process, by teaching and supporting the acquisition and utilization of skills needed to facilitate the individual's recovery, promoting the knowledge of available service options and choices and the utilization of natural resources in the community, and helping facilitate the development of a sense of wellness and self-worth. The Peer Support Specialist will work as part of a study team, including a physician principal investigator, research coordinator and other Peers.

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Job summary 9

Reporting to the Supervisor, Behavioral Health Services, the Peer Support Specialist ultimately serves as a patient advocate. You will be relied on to provide clients with resourceful information and support while adhering to treatment plans in a variety of settings. The Peer Support Specialist will model competence to their clients, through their own personal experiences, in successful self-recovery. You will act as a subject matter expert while performing a wide range of tasks to support clients.

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Job summary 10

We are looking for a Peer Support Specialist.

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