10 Best Freelance Writer Job Descriptions

Freelance Writer Job summary 1

We're looking for a regular Freelance Writer who can contribute entertaining and well-researched pieces to our site, though what we're taking pitches on can vary based on the season. We love pieces that really showcase your personality, as well as highlight a topic that you're passionate and knowledgeable about! The Freelance Writer should expect to pitch stories in the following formats: lists, how-to guides or explainers, super timely or trending news stories, interviews with experts, first-person stories about trying something interesting, and more

Freelance Writer Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Freelance Writer Requirements & Skills 1

Freelance Writer Job summary 2

We’re looking for a Freelance Writer who will play a crucial role in scaling our organic content across our website, social media channels, ad networks, affiliates, and partner sites to continue driving our audience reach and user growth. We want to build a library of helpful articles that provides valuable insights and information to our customers. This position reports to our senior editors.

Freelance Writer Duties & Responsibilities 2

Freelance Writer Requirements & Skills 2

Freelance Writer Job summary 3

We're looking for a Freelance Writer to help create engaging content on a wide variety of topics, from finance and technology to pop culture and entertainment. The ideal candidate should be well-versed in creating 100% unique and informative content that engages the reader in a conversational and inviting manner. The type of content that we are looking for is meant to make the reader want to continue coming back to the landing page and, in some cases, increase conversions for a sale. In addition to having a reliable internet connection and a standard word processor (i.e. Microsoft Word), applicants should be able to meet deadlines, perform basic research and ideally be able to provide samples of previously published works as a part of the application process.

Freelance Writer Duties & Responsibilities 3

Freelance Writer Requirements & Skills 3

Freelance Writer Job summary 4

We are looking for a part-time Freelance Writer to develop scientific web content and research manuscripts. The research manuscripts will be related to nucleic acid technologies and their applications. These writings will be very technical involving sequencing technologies such as NGS. We expect the writer to have some scientific background and writing experiences in these fields.

Freelance Writer Duties & Responsibilities 4

Freelance Writer Requirements & Skills 4

Freelance Writer Job summary 5

We're loking for a Freelance Writer. Ideal candidate will be a strong content writer with a background and/or direct experience in digital marketing and/or the software/tech industry. Specifically, she or he will have experience in: Digital/data marketing and/or marketing software preferred.

Freelance Writer Duties & Responsibilities 5

Freelance Writer Requirements & Skills 5

Freelance Writer Job summary 6

We're looking for a Freelance Writer to write articles on DIY crafts, upcycling, and other home decor projects. This is a remote position.

Freelance Writer Duties & Responsibilities 6

Freelance Writer Requirements & Skills 6

Freelance Writer Job summary 7

We are searching for a Freelance Writer with a flare for concise, thoughtful copy and a passion for both storytelling and technology. Are you a technology and word nerd? Do you have experience translating complex topics into engaging, easy-to-understand copy? Then this job is for you!

Freelance Writer Duties & Responsibilities 7

Freelance Writer Requirements & Skills 7

Freelance Writer Job summary 8

We are looking for a creative and detail-oriented Freelance Writer to write content for our clients.

Freelance Writer Duties & Responsibilities 8

Freelance Writer Requirements & Skills 8

Freelance Writer Job summary 9

We're looking for an experienced Freelance Writer with a background writing parenting and/or mental health-focused blogs and articles, to support ongoing marketing activities. The ideal candidate is an excellent writer and loves to tell stories that engage and inspire, address complex child development topics, and align with Company’s mission of child development through social, emotional, and cognitive learning.

Freelance Writer Duties & Responsibilities 9

Freelance Writer Requirements & Skills 9

Freelance Writer Job summary 10

We are looking for a Freelance Writer to ​create quality content and enhance our user experience.

Freelance Writer Duties & Responsibilities 10

Freelance Writer Requirements & Skills 10

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