10 Best Driver Job Descriptions

Driver Job summary 1

A Driver is responsible for safely operating a vehicle and providing superior customer service to assigned routes. Drivers navigate residential environments, congested roadways, alleyways, and high traffic areas all while ensuring his or her vehicle remains in compliance with state and federal regulations, as well as company standards.

Driver Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Driver Requirements & Skills 1

Driver Job summary 2

We are currently seeking a skilled candidate to succeed in the role of Driver. This position with the primary responsibility to safely drive straight vehicle to deliver expeditiously and accurately.

Driver Duties & Responsibilities 2

Driver Requirements & Skills 2

Driver Job summary 3

We are seeking a Driver for our distribution center. The Driver transports materials and/or equipment to and from sites.

Driver Duties & Responsibilities 3

Driver Requirements & Skills 3

Driver Job summary 4

A Driver delivers products to stores on an established route or via dynamic dispatch to customers. Drives the delivery vehicle to a location, unloads and brings products into the store.

Driver Duties & Responsibilities 4

Driver Requirements & Skills 4

Driver Job summary 5

A Driver operates motor vehicle(s) in order to complete a variety of pick‑up and delivery assignments. Maintains delivery documentation with appropriate forms. Ensures vehicle is maintained in a clean, safe and mechanically sound operating condition.

Driver Duties & Responsibilities 5

Driver Requirements & Skills 5

Driver Job summary 6

A Driver delivers food, supplies and other products to units and areas of service using a vehicle.

Driver Duties & Responsibilities 6

Driver Requirements & Skills 6

Driver Job summary 7

We are looking for an enthusiastic Driver to join our team.

Driver Duties & Responsibilities 7

Driver Requirements & Skills 7

Driver Job summary 8

We seek an experienced Driver to make deliveries.

Driver Duties & Responsibilities 8

Driver Requirements & Skills 8

Driver Job summary 9

Our Company is seeking skilled individuals for our Driver position.

Driver Duties & Responsibilities 9

Driver Requirements & Skills 9

Driver Job summary 10

We are searching for a Driver.

Driver Duties & Responsibilities 10

Driver Requirements & Skills 10

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