10 Best Diesel Mechanic Job Descriptions

Diesel Mechanic Job summary 1

The Diesel Mechanic performs preventive maintenance on engines and hydraulic systems for on and off road mobile equipment (including vehicles such as trucks and trailers) and maintains stationary equipment.

Diesel Mechanic Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Diesel Mechanic Requirements & Skills 1

Diesel Mechanic Job summary 2

Under general supervision, the Diesel Mechanic performs preventive maintenance services and inspects, diagnoses and repairs vehicles and equipment.

Diesel Mechanic Duties & Responsibilities 2

Diesel Mechanic Requirements & Skills 2

Diesel Mechanic Job summary 3

We have a great opportunity for an experienced Diesel Mechanic for our Maintenance department. Must have your own tools, and be able to travel 25% of the time. For the successful candidate, we offer our own repair facility, a wide variety of experiences and full time employment.

Diesel Mechanic Duties & Responsibilities 3

Diesel Mechanic Requirements & Skills 3

Diesel Mechanic Job summary 4

Our Company is searching for an experienced Diesel Mechanic to join our team.

Diesel Mechanic Duties & Responsibilities 4

Diesel Mechanic Requirements & Skills 4

Diesel Mechanic Job summary 5

Immediate position available for a Diesel Mechanic. Employees in this position should expect to work in a typical shop environment with Class A Tractors and dry van trailers. Basic mechanic's tools are required.

Diesel Mechanic Duties & Responsibilities 5

Diesel Mechanic Requirements & Skills 5

Diesel Mechanic Job summary 6

A Diesel Mechanic will work under the supervision of a Leadman or Journeyman Mechanic.

Diesel Mechanic Duties & Responsibilities 6

Diesel Mechanic Requirements & Skills 6

Diesel Mechanic Job summary 7

A Diesel Mechanic is responsible for providing service to our customers while maintaining exceptional customer service. This can include: cleaning, maintenance, visual inspection, and removal of parts and attachments. Installation with the help of proper manuals, report writing, disassembly, assembly, parts reuse evaluation, and reconditioning.

Diesel Mechanic Duties & Responsibilities 7

Diesel Mechanic Requirements & Skills 7

Diesel Mechanic Job summary 8

Ready to accelerate your career while helping our customers move forward? As a Diesel Mechanic, you’ll do exactly that. Here, you’ll do preventative maintenance and minor repairs on the newest and best maintained fleet of vehicles in the industry. You will help our customers keep their vehicles in shape and on the road.

Diesel Mechanic Duties & Responsibilities 8

Diesel Mechanic Requirements & Skills 8

Diesel Mechanic Job summary 9

A Diesel Mechanic inspects, services, repairs and maintains diesel locomotives.

Diesel Mechanic Duties & Responsibilities 9

Diesel Mechanic Requirements & Skills 9

Diesel Mechanic Job summary 10

We are seeking a Diesel Mechanic.

Diesel Mechanic Duties & Responsibilities 10

Diesel Mechanic Requirements & Skills 10

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