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We’re seeking someone with a deep commitment to social justice organizing and experience with anti-racist, grassroots advocacy work. The Community Organizer reports to the Advocacy Director and works collaboratively with other team members to win grassroots, member-driven campaigns and policies that make City neighborhoods better, more equitable, and safer places to ride a bicycle.

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We are looking for a dynamic and effective Community Organizer. This job is about fighting to fix large-scale healthcare issues that impact the wellness of our communities. This job is about team building and leadership development. This job is about teaching patients how to advocate for their health, engaging them in legislative and political work, and guiding them to lead their communities to participate. The Community Organizer works directly with people in a diverse range of communities, whether they are insured, underinsured, or uninsured, to build teams of leaders who are actively fighting for healthcare justice by growing their membership base, recruiting new leaders, cultivating new teams, and directing the energy of our collective power toward achieving meaningful outcomes for everyone. The ideal candidate has achieved success in grassroots membership-based organizing or community organizing.

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The Community Organizer will be responsible for building and mobilizing a multiracial base with an emphasis on Asian Americans. They will be directly supervised by and working closely with consulting project coordinators, working as needed with other staff and community partners for the successful execution of any campaigns and projects. The Organizer will also work irregular hours - weekends and evenings - to accommodate campaign and project schedules.

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We seek to hire a full-time Community Organizer for our Hub to support its local and state community organizing campaigns. This community organizer will focus on facilitating leadership development training, building relationships with current volunteer leaders, developing congregational teams, engaging new congregations, and collaborating with the Hub’s volunteer leaders to move forward policy and voter engagement campaigns.

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Job summary 5

The Community Organizer identifies and fosters grassroots leadership; recruits members into the organization; maintains own committee(s) and conducts local meetings; mobilizes members for actions, and performs a variety of other tasks to build grassroots power.

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Job summary 6

The Community Organizer works with the Community Partnership Manager in the overall design and implementation of programming, grantmaking, and other program activities for our place-based initiatives. The Community Organizer will play a key role in organizing residents, building community partnerships, and in coalition-building efforts by planning, leading, and attending community meetings/activities and working in collaboration with various partner organizations and coalitions.

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Job summary 7

We're searching for a Community Organizer to join our team.

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Job summary 8

We are seeking a passionate Community Organizer to work with our team on housing and tenant rights campaigns with a particular focus on organizing tenants in distressed, overleveraged, and rent-regulated buildings as necessary and developing leaders to work on the preservation of affordable units. Other tasks include one on one tenant counseling, leadership development, and base-building, as well as maintaining a property database.

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Job summary 9

The Community Organizer champions council-wide membership growth by executing girl and troop leader lead generation and recruitment campaigns and supports member placement across the council.

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We are looking for a Community Organizer.

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Frequently asked questions

What Is The Description Of community organizer?

A community organizer is a professional who works to mobilize individuals in a community around a common goal or issue. They aim to bring about social, political, or economic changes through collective action. Their role involves a range of activities from planning and coordination to advocacy and education. Here's a general job description for a community organizer:

Identify Issues: Community organizers work closely with community members to identify key issues that need addressing. These might relate to public services, social justice, environmental protection, health, education, or other areas.

Develop Strategies: They develop strategies to address these issues, which could involve anything from public awareness campaigns to direct political action. These strategies are often developed collaboratively, with input from community members and other stakeholders.

Mobilize Community Members: A key part of a community organizer's job is encouraging individuals to get involved. This might involve organizing meetings, rallies, or workshops, or it could involve one-on-one conversations to build relationships and motivate action.

Advocate: Community organizers often serve as advocates for their community, raising awareness of their issues among decision-makers, the media, and the general public. This might involve writing press releases, meeting with politicians, or coordinating demonstrations.

Coordinate Volunteers: Community organizing often involves a large number of volunteers. The organizer may be responsible for recruiting, training, and coordinating these volunteers to carry out the group's activities.

Fundraise: Many community organizing initiatives require funding. Organizers may write grant proposals, organize fundraising events, or seek donations from individuals or businesses.

Evaluate Success: They also evaluate the success of their organizing efforts, tracking progress toward their goals and making adjustments as needed.

Community organizers work in a variety of settings, from non-profit organizations and social service agencies to political campaigns and labor unions. Their role requires a deep commitment to their community, excellent interpersonal skills, and the ability to inspire and motivate others.

What Does A community organizer Do?

A community organizer plays a crucial role in empowering and mobilizing individuals within a community to bring about positive social change. Here are some of the key activities and responsibilities of a community organizer:

Community Engagement: Community organizers actively engage with community members to build relationships, understand their concerns and aspirations, and involve them in the decision-making process.

Issue Identification: They work closely with community members to identify and prioritize key issues affecting the community. This involves conducting needs assessments, surveys, and listening sessions to understand the community's unique challenges and goals.

Community Building: Community organizers foster a sense of unity and collective identity among community members. They organize community events, meetings, and workshops to bring people together, build social connections, and create a shared vision for the community's future.

Advocacy and Empowerment: They advocate for the interests and rights of the community, raising awareness about important issues, and empowering community members to take action. This may involve conducting public campaigns, organizing protests, or lobbying policymakers to effect change.

Coalition Building: Community organizers often bring together diverse stakeholders, such as community groups, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and government agencies, to collaborate on addressing community needs. They facilitate partnerships and coalitions to leverage collective resources and expertise.

Leadership Development: They identify and nurture community leaders by providing training, mentorship, and support. This helps to build local capacity and ensure sustainable community engagement beyond the organizer's involvement.

Capacity Building: Community organizers help strengthen the capacity of community organizations and groups by providing technical assistance, facilitating workshops on topics like strategic planning, project management, and fundraising.

Resource Mobilization: They seek and secure resources, including funding, grants, and in-kind support, to sustain community initiatives and projects. This involves developing proposals, networking with potential donors, and creating partnerships with funding organizations.

Research and Education: Community organizers conduct research to gather data and evidence on community issues, which can support advocacy efforts and inform decision-making. They also provide educational programs and workshops to raise awareness and build knowledge within the community.

Evaluation and Monitoring: Community organizers assess the impact of their initiatives and programs, measuring progress towards goals, and making necessary adjustments to improve effectiveness.

The specific activities and focus areas of a community organizer may vary based on the needs and priorities of the community they serve. Ultimately, their goal is to empower communities, foster social justice, and bring about positive change.

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