10 Best Biomedical Technician Job Descriptions

Biomedical Technician Job summary 1

The Biomedical Technician provides clinical equipment services under the close supervision of management. Duties include, but are not limited to, validation and inspection of clinical equipment for completeness, mechanical and electrical safety, and proper operation. The individual also performs planned maintenance inspections, calibrations, and repairs of general biomedical equipment. The Biomedical Technician assists other technicians in the troubleshooting and major repair of complex equipment. The individual demonstrates adherence to the Company core values in all professional interactions by showing respect to all people, creating real value, initiating meaningful change, and exhibiting integrity.

Biomedical Technician Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Biomedical Technician Requirements & Skills 1

Biomedical Technician Job summary 2

A Biomedical Technician will repair, maintain, install and relocate medical diagnostic equipment in the point of care and clinical laboratory environment. Utilize technical knowledge of diagnostic systems to resolve issues and ensure customer satisfaction. Handle and/or participate in a team that resolves customers' problems and issues.

Biomedical Technician Duties & Responsibilities 2

Biomedical Technician Requirements & Skills 2

Biomedical Technician Job summary 3

Under relatively close supervision, the Biomedical Technician repairs, calibrates and maintains basic clinical equipment technologies, devices, instruments and systems. Inspects, installs, and provides preventative maintenance and electrical safety testing of medical equipment, devices and systems. Maintains accurate and completes documentation of all work performed to include new equipment inspections and equipment repairs and failures. Orders replacement and repairs parts. Works in a fast paced team oriented environment to provide exceptional service to physicians, clinicians and other customers.

Biomedical Technician Duties & Responsibilities 3

Biomedical Technician Requirements & Skills 3

Biomedical Technician Job summary 4

A qualified Biomedical Technician will be tasked with inspection and documentation as a part of a medical device recall. Prior experience as a Biomedical Technician within a medical environment is preferred.

Biomedical Technician Duties & Responsibilities 4

Biomedical Technician Requirements & Skills 4

Biomedical Technician Job summary 5

As the Biomedical Technician, you will respond to service calls within a hospital or healthcare system. You will evaluate, diagnose, and perform repair and planned maintenance on biomedical equipment, providing service excellence to drive customer satisfaction.

Biomedical Technician Duties & Responsibilities 5

Biomedical Technician Requirements & Skills 5

Biomedical Technician Job summary 6

The Biomedical Technician is responsible for overseeing the overall operational condition, maintenance and repair of all water treatment equipment, all medical equipment and mechanical/electrical systems to ensure patient safety and the safety of all staff operating such equipment for their assigned clinic(s).

Biomedical Technician Duties & Responsibilities 6

Biomedical Technician Requirements & Skills 6

Biomedical Technician Job summary 7

As a Biomedical Technician, you will be responsible for responding to service calls to evaluate, diagnose, and perform repair and planned maintenance (PM) on complex customer's biomedical equipment. You will be responsible for driving customer satisfaction through Service Excellence and may, as part of your position, function as a Site Leader.

Biomedical Technician Duties & Responsibilities 7

Biomedical Technician Requirements & Skills 7

Biomedical Technician Job summary 8

Under relatively close supervision, the Biomedical Technician repairs, calibrates, and maintains all types of basic clinical equipment technologies, devices, instruments, and systems. Inspects, instalsl, and provides preventive maintenance of general clinical equipment.

Biomedical Technician Duties & Responsibilities 8

Biomedical Technician Requirements & Skills 8

Biomedical Technician Job summary 9

The Biomedical Technician is responsible for providing services for on-site clinic health units or events.

Biomedical Technician Duties & Responsibilities 9

Biomedical Technician Requirements & Skills 9

Biomedical Technician Job summary 10

We are looking for a Biomedical Technician.

Biomedical Technician Duties & Responsibilities 10

Biomedical Technician Requirements & Skills 10

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