10 Best Industrial Hygienist Job Descriptions

Industrial Hygienist Job summary 1

We seek a highly motivated and technically-oriented Industrial Hygienist responsible for conducting health hazard characterizations, assessments and sampling under the technical oversight of a Certified Industrial Hygienist. The Industrial Hygienist will enter assessment data into Defense Occupational and Environmental Health Readiness System – Industrial Hygiene (DOEHRS-IH) to create a consistent, consolidated record of assessment findings and control recommendations. The Industrial Hygienist will make recommendations for hazard quantification and sampling and conduct these activities. The successful candidate will demonstrate knowledge and judgement to protect health of client workforce.

Industrial Hygienist Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Industrial Hygienist Requirements & Skills 1

Industrial Hygienist Job summary 2

The Industrial Hygienist performs advanced industrial hygiene assignments requiring expert advice and utilizing knowledge of industrial hygiene principles to supervise program-level activities and resolve/address routine safety and health issues.

Industrial Hygienist Duties & Responsibilities 2

Industrial Hygienist Requirements & Skills 2

Industrial Hygienist Job summary 3

The Industrial Hygienist will focus on implementation of Company’s health programs. The incumbent’s main duties will consist of working with engineering and EHS personnel to build out and manage Company’s Chemical Hygiene Plan; engage with material engineers to advise on chemical or material selection; work with engineers to implement engineering controls at the design phase for manufacturing or within R&D environments; program management for R&D locations to include respiratory protection, hearing conservation, radiation safety, laser safety etc. Additional duties may include providing Industrial Hygiene and sampling expertise for our battery safety and cell manufacturing operations; providing recommendations for control of health exposures for novel processes; and supporting global health initiatives.

Industrial Hygienist Duties & Responsibilities 3

Industrial Hygienist Requirements & Skills 3

Industrial Hygienist Job summary 4

The Industrial Hygienist manages and Implements strategies and plans for identification and control occupational health exposures in the field.

Industrial Hygienist Duties & Responsibilities 4

Industrial Hygienist Requirements & Skills 4

Industrial Hygienist Job summary 5

The Industrial Hygienist recognizes, eliminates, evaluates and controls occupational and environmental factors or stresses arising from the workplace or facility that may cause sickness, impaired health or well-being, or significant discomfort and inefficiency among workers or citizens of the community.

Industrial Hygienist Duties & Responsibilities 5

Industrial Hygienist Requirements & Skills 5

Industrial Hygienist Job summary 6

We are looking for an Industrial Hygienist. The Industrial Hygienist will collect Industrial Hygiene samples in accordance with established procedures / guidelines, provide a support function for day-to-day Industrial Hygiene activities, and follow established guidelines to ensure protection of employee’s health.

Industrial Hygienist Duties & Responsibilities 6

Industrial Hygienist Requirements & Skills 6

Industrial Hygienist Job summary 7

We are seeking a Industrial Hygienist to join our growing team. In this role, you will help with the continued growth of our safety/industrial hygiene (IH) services throughout the region by providing vision and support in collaboration with the leadership team. In addition, you will perform a wide range of IH consultation services for clients which include scoping, planning, conducting, and reporting the results of projects and management systems that range from sampling to auditing and consulting.

Industrial Hygienist Duties & Responsibilities 7

Industrial Hygienist Requirements & Skills 7

Industrial Hygienist Job summary 8

The Industrial Hygienist will inspect worksites and work practices for safety and health hazards.

Industrial Hygienist Duties & Responsibilities 8

Industrial Hygienist Requirements & Skills 8

Industrial Hygienist Job summary 9

We are seeking an Industrial Hygienist to join our collaborative team. This individual will serve a key function in performing hazardous building materials surveys and abatement monitoring; performing duties as field representative, including: site explorations, assist with writing abatement specifications, design plans, and management plans; performing field tests; collecting field data and samples; monitoring construction sites, and compiling data and preparing reports.

Industrial Hygienist Duties & Responsibilities 9

Industrial Hygienist Requirements & Skills 9

Industrial Hygienist Job summary 10

The Industrial Hygienist will perform inspection of laboratories and support areas, document deficiencies, evaluate and assess potential hazards, recommend measures to mitigate identified hazards, and compile reports to enhance and develop training courses, written documents and newsletter content.

Industrial Hygienist Duties & Responsibilities 10

Industrial Hygienist Requirements & Skills 10

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