10 Best Financial Advisor Job Descriptions

Financial Advisor Job summary 1

We are on the hunt for a seasoned Financial Advisor is responsible for the ongoing management of existing client relationships and the retention of clients. The Financial Advisor is the firm's main point of contact with a select group of clients. The position has responsibility for managing client relationships and formulating and implementing advice.

Financial Advisor Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Financial Advisor Requirements & Skills 1

Financial Advisor Job summary 2

The Financial Advisor role is responsible for operating a practice that prospects and services mid-market retirement clients. We define “retirement” as serving qualified plan sponsors, fiduciaries, key executives in nonqualified plans, plan participants, retirees, affluent families and professional athletes who view funding a secure retirement as their primary objective.

Financial Advisor Duties & Responsibilities 2

Financial Advisor Requirements & Skills 2

Financial Advisor Job summary 3

We are looking for a Financial Advisor. This Financial Advisor must be able to maintain respect of an office full of other intelligent and motivated financial advisors. As the Financial Advisor you will be responsible for procuring and managing a book of business and providing financial advisory services in a wealth management capacity.

Financial Advisor Duties & Responsibilities 3

Financial Advisor Requirements & Skills 3

Financial Advisor Job summary 4

We are currently hiring talented Financial Advisor who proactively identify and sell a broad array of Investment and Insurance products to customers. The successful candidate will meet with customers to determine their investment needs, recommend investments strategies and present investment choices by analyzing the client’s information including assets, income, debts and other liabilities, cash flow and tax status. The Financial Advisor compares and evaluates possible investment options and identifies investment strategies and potential products based on their knowledge of market conditions and the client’s circumstances. The Financial Advisor strives to meet and exceed identified sales goals. The Financial Advisor will proactively engage potential new clients to promote and sell investment products and services, while developing strong working relationships with personnel.

Financial Advisor Duties & Responsibilities 4

Financial Advisor Requirements & Skills 4

Financial Advisor Job summary 5

As a Financial Advisor you can create customized plans to meet your clients’ needs in the following areas: retirement planning, executive benefits, asset protection and risk management, estate planning, education funding, liability management, and real estate.

Financial Advisor Duties & Responsibilities 5

Financial Advisor Requirements & Skills 5

Financial Advisor Job summary 6

This Financial Advisor position will lead a team in client acquisitions, retention service, and sales. They will help coach bank branch personnel in identifying good referral prospects, train licensed bank employees to sell annuities; and provide whatever support is needed for the team's existing client base.

Financial Advisor Duties & Responsibilities 6

Financial Advisor Requirements & Skills 6

Financial Advisor Job summary 7

Our Financial Advisors help clients pursue the life they envision through a one-on-one or team-based relationship committed to their needs. If you have between two and twelve years of experience as an Financial Advisor, a strong track record of performance, a habit of leadership, and a drive to achieve more for you and your clients, let’s talk.

Financial Advisor Duties & Responsibilities 7

Financial Advisor Requirements & Skills 7

Financial Advisor Job summary 8

This position assists members in achieving their financial goals by offering a wide range of financial products and services. This is accomplished through thorough examination of the member’s personal financial profile and offering the solutions that will benefit those specific needs.

Financial Advisor Duties & Responsibilities 8

Financial Advisor Requirements & Skills 8

Financial Advisor Job summary 9

We’re looking for highly motivated, achievement-driven individuals who want the opportunity to establish and grow a financial services practice with the support and strength of one of the nation’s leading financial services firms.

Financial Advisor Duties & Responsibilities 9

Financial Advisor Requirements & Skills 9

Financial Advisor Job summary 10

As a Financial Advisor, you'll help shape your clients' financial futures for each stage in their lives.

Financial Advisor Duties & Responsibilities 10

Financial Advisor Requirements & Skills 10

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