10 Best Research Analyst Job Descriptions

Research Analyst Job summary 1

We are seeking an experienced and dynamic Research Analyst. He/She collaborates with users and planning groups. The Research Analyst applies optimization techniques to business problems (i.e., gathering of requirements, researching technical methods, and creating prototypes). The Research Analyst formulates, design and develop decision support models, proof of concepts, and prototypes to solve complex business problem and produces implementable solutions. He/She researches methods to change optimization models to achieve desired results. This position analyzes and evaluates existing optimization models to ensure results are accurate. The Research Analyst works with user groups to refine requirements and output to obtain desired results.

Research Analyst Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Research Analyst Requirements & Skills 1

Research Analyst Job summary 2

The Research Analyst provides operations research analysis support for intelligence, cyberspace operations, contingency operations, and operational-level planning, joint and multilateral training exercises, and strategic engagement policy. Analyzes actual and predictable, interacting, operational activities of systems to obtain a quantitative, rational basis for decision-making through the application of logic and scientific or economic disciplines and techniques.

Research Analyst Duties & Responsibilities 2

Research Analyst Requirements & Skills 2

Research Analyst Job summary 3

The Research Analyst will report directly to the Sr. Research Director. This highly visible position services information and analyses to many teams including; programming, scheduling, ad-sales, marketing, distribution, and corporate.

Research Analyst Duties & Responsibilities 3

Research Analyst Requirements & Skills 3

Research Analyst Job summary 4

The Research Analyst is responsible for supporting all local research output. This position provides support in developing pitch and/or proposal materials as well as local thought leadership. The Research Analyst is accountable for accurate and proactive maintenance of third party and proprietary databases.

Research Analyst Duties & Responsibilities 4

Research Analyst Requirements & Skills 4

Research Analyst Job summary 5

We seek an inquisitive Research Analyst to join our Strategic Research team. The research analyst will conduct original science research.

Research Analyst Duties & Responsibilities 5

Research Analyst Requirements & Skills 5

Research Analyst Job summary 6

The Research Analyst will be responsible for assisting Research Coordinators with aspects of assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating research projects, for building, maintaining and operationalizing research billing in the network financial system as well as minor content build.

Research Analyst Duties & Responsibilities 6

Research Analyst Requirements & Skills 6

Research Analyst Job summary 7

The Research Analyst will focus on fundamental analysis and will work directly with investment professionals to conduct qualitative and quantitative diligence on specific situations and broad strategies. A successful candidate will be resourceful, pragmatic, and highly motivated. He or she will be an independent thinker who is able to clearly communicate results to a broader team. A demonstrated interest in finance is preferred, but not required. The Research Analyst is an entry-level role, but high performing Research Analysts can expect to take on increasing responsibility on the investment team over time.

Research Analyst Duties & Responsibilities 7

Research Analyst Requirements & Skills 7

Research Analyst Job summary 8

We are seeking an experienced Research Analyst to design and develops leading edge optimizations and analytics based decision support tools throughout the organization. He/She develops moderately complex models and algorithms and designs products, programs, and solutions that impact cost management for all operations, acquisitions, pricing, and performance improvement.

Research Analyst Duties & Responsibilities 8

Research Analyst Requirements & Skills 8

Research Analyst Job summary 9

Reporting to the Chief Knowledge Officer, the Research Analyst will conduct legal, business and other non-legal research on behalf of legal staff and clients.

Research Analyst Duties & Responsibilities 9

Research Analyst Requirements & Skills 9

Research Analyst Job summary 10

The purpose of the position is to provide data analysis and visualization support.

Research Analyst Duties & Responsibilities 10

Research Analyst Requirements & Skills 10

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