10 Best Engineering Manager Job Descriptions

Engineering Manager Job summary 1

The Engineering Manager will be responsible for leading and developing the engineering team, inclduing directing, coordinating and exercising authority for planning, organization, leadership and completion of engineering projects. The Engineering Manager will coordinate programs and activities to achieve timely resolution to manufacturing problems and new process launches. The Engineering Manager will be accountable for the development of manufacturing capabilities and for ensuring proper manufacturing processing to obtain maximum productivity and quality.

Engineering Manager Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Engineering Manager Requirements & Skills 1

Engineering Manager Job summary 2

Under the direction of the Director of Manufacturing, the Engineering Manager will manage the manufacturing engineering activities: functioning as a liaison between design engineering and production; performing technical manufacturing functions, and supporting the manufacturing activities.

Engineering Manager Duties & Responsibilities 2

Engineering Manager Requirements & Skills 2

Engineering Manager Job summary 3

The Engineering Manager will report to the Director of Engineering. The Engineering Manager will work closely with multiple departments within the US (procurement, sales, project management, and support functions) to create an aligned culture around consistent, sustained, and effective employee policies and practices in support of short and long-term business plans, including operating and financial objectives. The Engineering Manager is responsible for a broad spectrum of managerial deliverable's that includes talent management, employee engagement, and overall leadership of the group.

Engineering Manager Duties & Responsibilities 3

Engineering Manager Requirements & Skills 3

Engineering Manager Job summary 4

Responsible for the overall development and administration of the plant engineering and tooling department. Through input from the customer, corporate and plant staff, will allocate resources to manufacture quality products in an effective and economical manner. The primary responsibilities will be to establish and review process controls, emphasize continuous improvement, waste reduction, review inspection techniques and measurement systems, establish plant quality and advanced project goals, along with the individual employee goals. The Engineering Manager will work with technical personnel to obtain capital needs, launch strategy, project timing, process flows, manage labor and machine standards. All proposed plans for changes to the process, equipment, molds, and tooling are to be reviewed by the manager to ensure reliability and compatibility with existing systems, safety standards. Work with the engineering staff to obtain capital needs, develop launch strategy, project timing and requirements for carryover and new projects. Responsible for tooling duties, to include design, implementation and improvement, to include maintenance and repair of all tooling. Duties will also include the inventory control of all tooling. This person must also be highly self-motivated, have an intense customer focus and be able to satisfy both internal and external customer requirements. Outstanding presentation and project management skills are required.

Engineering Manager Duties & Responsibilities 4

Engineering Manager Requirements & Skills 4

Engineering Manager Job summary 5

The Engineering Manager is responsible for the development, support, and improvement of the manufacturing processes for the plant. Will lead a team of Process and Continuous improvement engineers.

Engineering Manager Duties & Responsibilities 5

Engineering Manager Requirements & Skills 5

Engineering Manager Job summary 6

We are seeking a Engineering Manager who will manages the plant engineering and maintenance functions as directed.

Engineering Manager Duties & Responsibilities 6

Engineering Manager Requirements & Skills 6

Engineering Manager Job summary 7

The Manager of Engineering role is a responsible for the day to day management of a team of engineers.

Engineering Manager Duties & Responsibilities 7

Engineering Manager Requirements & Skills 7

Engineering Manager Job summary 8

The Engineering Manager will lead and support the manufacturing engineering team. The scope of this role will be managing a team of manufacturing engineers and maintenance technicians in order to support daily production, process improvement, and identifying the necessary equipment and process to produce quality products.

Engineering Manager Duties & Responsibilities 8

Engineering Manager Requirements & Skills 8

Engineering Manager Job summary 9

This role will be responsible for all plant process design and launch, ongoing manufacturing engineering and lean/continuous improvement activities. This role will have all Manufacturing/Industrial Engineers, Program Managers, CAD Designers, Tooling Engineers, Controls Engineers and Engineering Administrative staff reporting to it.

Engineering Manager Duties & Responsibilities 9

Engineering Manager Requirements & Skills 9

Engineering Manager Job summary 10

We are looking for an Engineering Manager.

Engineering Manager Duties & Responsibilities 10

Engineering Manager Requirements & Skills 10

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