10 Best County Clerk Job Descriptions

County Clerk Job summary 1

The County Clerk is the custodian of all county records including deeds, deeds of trust, liens, hospital liens, cattle brands, and certificates of release or discharge from active duty (DD 214), some birth and death records, and a variety of other important records both public and non-public. The County Clerk also issues and maintains marriage licenses and records assumed named certificates. The County Clerk serves as clerk of the court for all misdemeanor criminal and civil courts, as well as commissioners"" court and probate court; maintaining the official records of the courts they serve. The County Clerk records the acts and proceedings of each of these courts, entering all judgments, recording all executions issued and the returns issued on the executions as applicable, and administers trust accounts for minors and registry accounts; additionally, the clerk must keep an index of the parties to all suits filed in the court, and make reference to any judgment made in each case. As clerk of the county courts, the County Clerk collects and is responsible for money paid in court costs, fines, and fees for the payment of juror fees.

County Clerk Duties & Responsibilities 1

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County Clerk Job summary 2

The County Clerk is an entry-level clerical position in the Clerk’s Office and reports to the Court Supervisor and the Court Manager. The Deputy Clerk performs clerical work relating to the legal procedures for the Clerk in accordance with established rules, laws, and policies.

County Clerk Duties & Responsibilities 2

County Clerk Requirements & Skills 2

County Clerk Job summary 3

The County Clerk performs duties involved in processing and maintaining vital records, County documents, voter registration, election and tax information.

County Clerk Duties & Responsibilities 3

County Clerk Requirements & Skills 3

County Clerk Job summary 4

The Deputy Clerk performs specialized clerical, administrative, and secretarial work in an assigned department.

County Clerk Duties & Responsibilities 4

County Clerk Requirements & Skills 4

County Clerk Job summary 5

This is an at-will Administrative Officer position, performing managerial level administrative and supervisory work in directing and coordinating the activities of the County Clerk's office, under the general direction of the County Manager or designee. The County Clerk directs a team of professional, associate, and/or technical employees. Excellent customer service skills are required. Position requires facilitation and attendance at public meetings which often occur during evening hours.

County Clerk Duties & Responsibilities 5

County Clerk Requirements & Skills 5

County Clerk Job summary 6

The County Clerk provides clerical assistance in the County Clerk’s Office.

County Clerk Duties & Responsibilities 6

County Clerk Requirements & Skills 6

County Clerk Job summary 7

The purpose of the County Clerk position is to provide specialized clerical and administrative assistance to assigned department. This is accomplished by greeting and assisting customers, both in person and by phone; collecting funds, preparing, processing and filing documents, bonds, citations, criminal records, birth and death records, marriage records, business records, property records, guardianships, probates, civil appeals and mental cases.

County Clerk Duties & Responsibilities 7

County Clerk Requirements & Skills 7

County Clerk Job summary 8

The County Clerk performs duties related to maintaining case file information for Superior Court in accordance with the procedures set forth in Rules of Court, bargaining unit contract and departmental policies and procedures. Manage juries for both Superior Court and District Court. Assist public, legal community, and state and local government personnel, taking care to avoid giving legal advice.

County Clerk Duties & Responsibilities 8

County Clerk Requirements & Skills 8

County Clerk Job summary 9

This is an entry-level position is responsible for performing a wide variety of complex legal clerical duties related to civil, criminal, traffic and/or misdemeanor cases filed with the County circuit and/or county courts. The County Clerk is responsible for coordination and maintenance of case data. The County Clerk may be assigned to work in the courtroom with the Judge.

County Clerk Duties & Responsibilities 9

County Clerk Requirements & Skills 9

County Clerk Job summary 10

We are looking for a County Clerk to join our team.

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County Clerk Requirements & Skills 10

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