How to Write a Job Description

Employers looking out for employees need to ensure that they do their part well and to get the best candidates, a good job description is essential. At times, brief and confusing job descriptions land you in trouble because you have a huge number of applicants. 

You feel lost browsing through resumes endlessly with no particular decision or candidature to fill the position. The key is to find the right balance between listing the demands and qualifications in an easy-to-read manner.

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Start with clear titles 

When writing a job description, the first and foremost thing to focus on is starting with a clear title. The job title helps set the path for what you are looking for and gives the candidates with a similar experience a chance to apply. 

Most employers state unclear or general titles that land several applicants, of which many may not have the experience or the qualification you are looking for. The key to getting this right is to state an explanatory title and talk about one’s role immediately as they read the title.

How do you make sure your job description will work?

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Direct communication 

Start simply writing your requirements. Communicate rather directly without using flowery language. If you are looking for people with a very specific role or qualification, make sure to mention it ahead and then move towards the other requirements and details about the job. 


Avoid using any jargons

Contrary to common belief, employers add jargon according to their industry and believe that anyone who fits the role will understand it. For example, if you are looking for an experienced content writer, look for ways to write about the copywriter job details clearly so that candidates know what they are applying for in the content domain. At times, this works against your favor. Therefore, avoid using any jargon that can create confusion or ambiguity. Start your communication with a common language and with something easier to understand. 

State remuneration clearly 

Many employers often do not reveal the expected remuneration, which lands them in a position where they may have found the right candidate, but their expected salaries are above your allocated budget. 

To get the best candidates, it is crucial to mention at least a ballpark figure of what they can expect from the particular job you are offering. Following this as a practice will help you land just the right candidates and at the price that you can offer at that point in time. 

Avoid Negative connotation

Write about your requirements in a rather positive manner. You will wish to eliminate candidates with irrelevant qualifications or expertise at all times, but the key is to write that well. 

For example, if you are looking for a candidate with a master's degree, positively write the same and hint at the candidates to only take forward the next step when they have the experience. Keep a clear, general tone for writing the description, and you will see how well that works in finding the right and best candidates for filing your role. 

Divide job description into points 

It is crucial to divide the description into easy-to-read paragraphs, create sections and target each section accordingly. The first can talk about the role, the second about the qualifications and skills required, the third can perhaps talk about the expected daily tasks at work, and the conclusion can be more about your brand, company. 

A complete and clear job description helps prospective employees understand the receivables and decide their application for the role. Making a clear description helps both parties, the employers and the candidates. 


The steps mentioned above will help you make a clear and winning job description. Keep in mind that it takes days to weeks to land the right candidate. Therefore, start with a clear description and post it on all sites and places that will help find your best candidate. It is a good practice taking help from experienced head hunters that will help you find your employee at an earlier time with less hassle. 

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