6 Outstanding Social Media Recruiting Strategies

The latest research confirms that more than 70% of recruiters hire someone through social media. Facebook, Linkedin, and other platforms are excellent tools for reaching passive and active candidates that may meet the requirements of the company. That opportunity makes it different from global, internal/external, and direct recruitment.

A resume does not say anything about the personality and characteristics of a person. It only describes his work experience, expertise, and education. On the other hand, social media will help you get a sense of who your future employees are and what exactly they are looking for. 

Will every recruiter successfully find a perfect worker on social media? No! Many companies are trying to use the same method to find the right candidate. You will need to get out of the box and impress the professionals before your competitors. With a couple of outstanding social media recruiting strategies, you will reach your goal. Let's find out those strategies together! 

Work on Your Reputation!

Money is not the only factor that attracts people to apply for a job. Believe it or not, around 70% of job seekers would avoid working for a company with a bad reputation even if they are unemployed. Your company needs to be an attractive place that will allow people to grow. Despite that, people love companies that enable them to show their creativity and participate in decision-making processes. So, how to confirm you are in the right place for them? 

Social media allow you to share different types of content that can prove the value of your company. One of the ways how you can boost your reputation is by sharing social proof. Previous workers and people that currently work in your company can help with that. 

However, there might be former employees who had negative experiences with your companies and leave negative feedback in the comments. If they are too offensive, it is better to limit comments on TikTok and other channels to save your brand reputation.

You can check out the way two successful companies Chevron and Bain did it. They recorded a video and published it on their social media pages, YouTube channel, and website. If you want to publish social proof in textual and visual form, check out the example below. 

Source: Hubspot

Videos Will Grab the Attention of "Passive Candidates"

Some people possess knowledge, experience, and talents that would boost the performance of your business. However, how are you going to convince them to join your team if they simply do not look for that type of opportunity? 

Videos will help! There are a couple of video advertising trends that businesses use to reach a higher level of engagement. You should not make long-form and boring videos that people will turn off after a couple of seconds. Some reliable studies confirm videos should not be longer than 6 minutes

Don't try to prove that you are the "best company ever for the best workers in the world". Instead of that, focus on sharing a valuable storyline that will be entertaining and unique. Give people a reason to remember you and get the desire to check out why exactly your company is so special. The way how Fiverr did it may serve as an inspiration. 


Another thing you should have in mind is the tone and way how you interact with future employees. You can, for instance, talk directly to the potential employee and make the video more personal. After that, you can introduce the candidate to other team members, explore the offices inside the company, etc. The lovely video Zendesk published can be the way you do it. 


But, Don't Just Focus on Video Content

Marketers use different strategies to write textual content that will convert leads into sales. They will research their target audience, add emotions to the content, and try to be as simple as possible. The recruiters should learn a lesson from digital marketers and try to turn experts into candidates with the same strategies. 

Don't share confusing sentences and phrases on the posts. Instead of that, clearly explain who you are, the type of employee you are looking for and the benefits future employees will get if they work for your company. The combination of visual and textual content that Zappos used 3 years ago is an excellent method. 

Source: Zappos

Despite that, the content your share on social media does not always need to be associated with job postings, products, company achievements, etc. You can also share blog posts and how-to articles and confirm your expertise and reputation in that way. Use those posts to indirectly promote your company and clearly explain your company’s requirements and core values. The potential candidates will have additional opportunities to realize who you are.

Writing appropriate content is not always an easy task. You need to choose the right words, tone, and style of writing to grab the attention of potential candidates. If writing seems like a challenging duty, you may want to turn to an academic writing paper website. Writing experts have experience in writing content that will boost the reputation of companies on social media and attract active and passive candidates with different strategies. Their knowledge may be valuable for your expectations and requirements. 

Optimize the Content with Appropriate Hashtags

Hashtags help you reach talented people in your industry. You can try out something like #jobopportunity #recruiting, #jobposting, etc. However, hashtags can also make some of your greatest achievements viral and boost the reputation in that way. Use different hashtag generator tools to find the most viral and effective ones. 

Source: salesforcejobs

Ask Other Employees to Help

Making the job opening viral is possible in two different ways. One way is to invest money in paid ad social media campaigns. However, in that case, you will need to know exactly who you want to target. You need to know characteristics such as age, gender, location, interests, education, etc. 

On the other hand, you can make it more viral without any additional investments. Ask your employees to get involved in the recruitment process. They can share the recruitment ad on their LinkedIn and Twitter with appropriate hashtags, Instagram stories with a direct link to the location where candidates can apply, etc. 

Measure the Results Regularly

Don't send the same message always if you are not managing to reach the desired result. Let's imagine that you attract 30 people to apply for a particular job position. Unfortunately, after a job interview, you realized neither of them meets the requirements and expectations of the company. It may happen that your textual content where you highlight all the demands requires changes. Despite that, it may also happen you targeted the wrong group of people. Because of that, you once again need to define the personal characteristics of an employee you are looking for. 

Measure, analyze, and change – those are the three steps you should repeat until you reach your goal. 

Is My Job Done Here?

You will probably receive many impressive resumes after you use these outstanding strategies. On the other hand, social media profiles will help you analyze the personality, interests, and habits of every potential employee. Yet, do not underestimate the importance of job interviews. Talking with the candidates in-person will help you make better decisions. Keep in mind that social media are not always relevant because people sometimes like to pretend they are someone else.

Being a good interviewer may seem like a challenging task. However, with good preparation, things will be much easier. Outline the entire job interview and prepare the questions you will ask. You can potentially practice with other team members who will participate in the interview and check out how much time you will need to finish the job. 

Final Thought

A good reputation of the company will allow you to become attractive to experts in different fields. However, many of them do not have the skills and personal characteristics to meet your requirements. Because of that, use social media to meet with your potential employees even before they come to a job interview. Use different types of content to boost the reputation of the company and make the requirements you have clear. If the budget is the problem, you can always kindly ask your employees to share the recruitment ad on their social media. That is an excellent way to make it viral. 

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