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Working with the 100Hires team to transition our company was easy. I was up and running in hours. The support team is great and they are very responsive to any request or question. I'm loving using this new software and it has greatly improved the efficiency of my team and streamlined our hiring process.

100Hires is very easy to use and has a great intuitive user interface. It does not take long to start using the software and become a pro. The value is 5x the cost in terms of time savings for me and my team when recruiting. The platform has all the features I was looking for and made switching from Google Hire easy and pain free.

Geoff Sakala

Managing Director
The Studio Coworking

I used 100Hires for my previous recruitment and it was truly a game-changer. I successfully hired the perfect candidate in less than 3 weeks. Before I was overwhelmed with CVs and I struggled to involved all my colleagues with our hiring process. 100Hires saved us hours by allowing us to quickly identify the best candidates, chat with them, and set up interviews.

100hires is easy to use and very straightforward. It is powerful and it just works without requiring hours of setup.

Quentin Fréry


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Source candidates
with our Chrome extension
Kanban board to keep track
of your recruiting pipeline
Store all candidates’
information in one place
Send bulk emails
Evaluate candidates
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